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About Us

Rising Barre Studio is located on the 2nd floor of  Washington Crossing.  We offer a variety of class formats designed to foster a life of movement, whole-body well-being, and fun! We welcome all fitness levels or, as we like to say, “all ages, all stages.” We are a neutral spine studio and practice form-focused fitness in all our classes.

At Rising Barre Studio, we have one goal: to become your Fitness Studio for Change. Our certified instructors design custom classes to sculpt lean muscle, strengthen your core, and tone your whole body. We want to transform not only your body, but your heart and mind. Our vision is for our clients to leave our studio feeling uplifted and empowered. We are truly dedicated to helping our clients along their fitness journey to a happier, healthier self, while having fun and making new friends at the same time.


Korinne Hill

Korinne has a strong background in dance and fitness.  She is a certified Barreamped instructor, Poundfit instructor, A.C.E. group fitness instructor, LeBarre Instructor, and Generation Pound Instructor; as well as several more continuing education class certifications, including Low Back Health and Fitness Nutrition courses.


Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer is a holistic health coach, certified BarreAmped instructor, and an aromatherapy specialist who focuses on the mind-body connection and balance for total well-being.  She combines intentional therapeutic techniques with body movement and exercise to release stress, increase focus, and foster whole body, mind, and emotional health.

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