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"Two years ago a friend invited me to a Barre class at a studio that had just opened here in Cookeville.  Although I would definitely not consider myself a "class" person, I had always wanted to try Barre.  Needless to say, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!  Korinne is an absolutely amazing instructor who truly cares about each and every person in her class.  She has taught me so much and I can honestly say that I am still learning and finding new challenges with every workout.  Fast forward two years and I still love all of the workouts and classes at Rising Barre Studio.  It's a welcoming environment full of amazing ladies plus instructors who are filled with compassion and care. "   


- LeeAnn M. (2021)


"Prior to relocating to Cookeville, I was part of a gym I absolutely loved!  It was a combination between Crossfit and cardio.  I am not a "go to the gym by yourself" or "create your own workout" kind of person.  I like instructors or coaches to do that for me.  When I moved to Cookeville, I wasn't sure if I'd find another gym I felt a part of like my old one.  It took me awhile, and a lot of searching to find a place that offered group workouts that I enjoyed.  From the first class I took at Rising Barre Studio, I was hooked!  I was so happy to find a place that offered full body workouts that made you feel great afterwards!  After a few months of attending Cardio Sculpt, I decided to venture out and try one of the Barre classes. After thinking I was a strong person, this class changed my opinion real quick!  Barre made me work muscles I didn't even know I had! I was so impressed that I wanted to try all the barre classes.  I'm still working to achieve that goal; however, every class I have attended has not let me down! I am so impressed with this establishment and their staff.  So thankful I decided to join!" 


- Ashley M.


"I have always exercised but never tried barre.  The place I frequented for my workouts closed for the holidays. So on December 31, 2019 I decided to try barre.  I've been hooked since.  At the time I was a warrior in cancer treatment.  I walked in bald (and that takes courage)... the minute I walked into the studio I was home!  Everyone welcomed me!  I really found my tribe!  The ladies began following me on my cancer journey.... frequent texts to check on just a good sisterhood!  Everyone that knows me can tell you Barre is my favorite.  I love it so much I want everyone to come try!  I've lost 36 pounds!  Rising Barre is seriously the place that "rebuilt me".  I was able to continue working out all through my cancer treatments because they showed me modifications but still challenged me.  I encourage everyone to come and try!!! I've learned so much about the mind-body connection... made life time friends and am in remission from two cancers  for almost two years!  Meet me at the barre!" 


- Renee L. 


"My journey really started last year after a pretty bad knee injury in 2019.  The options were to strengthen my muscles through physical therapy and exercise or to have surgery.  I was committed to getting stronger and Rising Barre Studio was there for me every step of the way.  My best friend and I started coming to classes and we were hooked.  They were fun and we actually looked forward to fitting classes into our busy schedules.  The instructors were so good at modifying movements and making sure I was doing them correctly, so I wouldn't put further pressure on my knees.  I am happy to say I now workout 4 times a week and have less knee problems than I've had since 7th grade! Physically, I am stronger and healthier, but it's been so good for my mental health to have a routine and an outlet for stress.  I love getting to work out with my best friend and the overall positive community we have at Rising Barre.  Seeing everyone's smiling faces in class keeps me accountable and coming back. " 


- Katie M.

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